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Direct To Garment Pre-Treatment Machine
DTG Pre-treatment PM01 can automatically pretreat garments before DTG and transfer paper printing. Same effect, less dosage, high speed, save time and cost.
Electric large format Paper Trimmer AT01
Electric paper trimmer is especially for cutting various advertising coiled materials, contributes to graphic post progressing. Electric paper trimmer is widely used in advertising making, exhibition
Mobile Vinyl Rack
Removable media rolls cart is to store advertising coiled material, making the workshop more neat, and the material classification more ordered, using space effectively. It can solve the problem of
Large Format Acrylic Cutter MT05
Acrylic cutter is especially for cutting acrylic sheet(plexiglass sheet), the fixed straight track guides the cutting head, to achieve accurate force and improve cutting performance. The special desig
Manual Paper Trimmer MT02
1.Application material:advertising materials,decorative materials,paper panels. 2.0.7m,1m,1.3m,1.6m,2m are available. 3.Suitable for advertising,exhibition,decoration company,school,studio,etc..
Media Dryer H6
1.Wind and hot air drying,constant temperature control,low power consumption,even exhaust,high efficiency. 2.Independent stand,apply to any printer. 3.Three sizes:1300mm,1600mm,1800mm.
Media Dryer H7
1.adopted far-infrared heating tube and fans,wind and hot air drying,balanced air-out,adjustable temperature,low power consumption and high efficiency. 2.Independent stand,apply to any printer.
Acrylic bending machine
1 The temperature and heating gap width are adjustable. 2 Available angle 0-160° and available length 40-330mm. 3 Far-infrared heating tube and just 15 seconds to heat. 4 The maximum thickness of 8
Advertising ruler MT03
Application material:advertising materials,decorative materials,paper panels. Working length specification:0.7m,1m,1.3m,1.6m,2m
KT Notching Cutter
Application material:KT Board. Working with advertising ruler,achieve a better effect.
Manual paper trimmer MT01
1.Manual paper trimmer is a cutting tool for advertising coiled materials,KT board,foam board,etc..Standardizes graphic cutting,improves working efficiency. 2.Two sizes:1600mm and 2600mm are availabl
take up system for mutoh-mimaki-roland and more
1.Usually applicable to photo machine, MUTOH1604 1638,MIMAKI jv33,ROLAND 640 740,etc.. , 2.with inductive tension and track desgin,motor drive,neat rolling,durable life. 3.Three sizes,1.3m,1.6m,1.8
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