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Product Name:Direct To Garment Pre-Treatment Machine

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Detailed Product Description:

DTG Pre-treatment PM01 can automatically pretreat garments before DTG and transfer paper printing. Same effect, less dosage, high speed, save time and cost.

1) Platen size: 480*320mm(12.6”*18.9”). Application for most of DTG printing.

2) Dimension: 885*430*580mm. The machine fits for puting one the table with proper size.

3) With DC 24V adaptor changing input voltage 110-240V, widely used in most countries.

4) Power: 72W. Low power and saving electricity .

5) Equipped with 1 spray nozzle inside, the coating liquid can be evenly sprayed. Improving the T-shirt processing quality.

6) With electric injection system, achieve fast spraying, up to 5s/time(adjustable), which is 5 times as fast as spraying by hand.

7) Two 3.5L coating liquid containers, one for coating liquid, one for cleaning liquid.

8) With low level warning light, when the liquid is under certain position, the warning lights comes on.

9) Application: Garment shop, DIY T-shirt shop. DTG Printing: Cloth bags, T-shirt, Jean, hoodies